Chic design meets comfort

Elegant design of the restaurant in the Sarotti Berlin courtyards with red and gold carpet. The red and gold carpet affect the guest room very noble.
The chic restaurant chairs and bar stools of the row decoder type are first-class workmanship and offer unrivaled comfort. They can be designed with seat covers made of fabric, faux leather or real leather with high quality according to your taste. If you are too dominant black furniture, decorative elements in black and gold can alternatively use-such as vases, candlesticks or lamps. In the Sarotti courtyards in Berlin, for example, contributes a red and gold carpet to the fact that the room looks classy. The gold color harmonizes with the dark furniture and bright cushions.
However, a general rule: Do not use too many black and gold decorative elements, otherwise the decoration seems quickly overloaded.

Use sparingly decoration

If you look at fine restaurants, you will quickly find that decoration is basically used very sparingly. Often enough, a candle and a small vase with a fresh flower. Table decoration in restaurant with flower and TeelichtEin tea light and a fresh flower table decoration are often ranging.
If you love something pompous, you can use, for example striking lamps such magnificent chandeliers of glass or decorative wall lamps.

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